Help us Build!

ImPAC California is a political action committee (PAC). A PAC collects funds (like a bank account) to help elect (pick and position) people who will represent the funders’ interests. We need individuals in government who will improve the quality of life for Black communities by increasing access to equity and opportunities to create wealth. In turn, this will generate more money to spend electing more people!

We want to get the support of 1,000 people to give $100 a month to this cause (fund). You can help pick and position the right candidate that will help build wealth in the Black community.

If you believe $100 a month is not enough, you can give more. The faster we get to the goal the faster our interests will be prioritized, and change will happen.

If you don’t have $100 a month to give (yet), you can still donate at whatever amount you are able. ImPAC California listens and cares about all its contributors large and small. We all have a voice that matters. We thank you for your generosity!

“Black lives will only matter when Black people build the necessary political and economic power to make the establishment respect Black lives.” – Jovan Agee

Contributions or gifts to ImPAC California are not tax deductible.