Help Us Build!

ImPAC California is a political action committee (PAC). A PAC collects funds (like a bank account) to help elect (pick and position) people who will represent the interests of ImPAC donors. We need individuals in government who will improve the quality of life for Blacks by increasing their access to wealth.

ImPAC contributors all over the state are active in influencing elections and legislation. We lobby our local school boards, city councilmembers, county supervisors, and our state lawmakers through phone calls, letters, emails and knocking on doors. Additionally, ImPAC provides more than money to candidates and campaigns. Trained ImPAC volunteers participate in campaigns to give our endorsed candidates the winning edge. Our political activists can make the crucial difference in any race. ImPAC also serves as a strategic resource for our endorsed candidates to help map out successful campaign strategies.

ImPAC At Work in Your Community.

For a monthly contribution of $25, you help support our volunteer and candidate training programs; precinct walking, phone banking and peer-to-peer texting programs; policy development and legislative and budget advocacy work; and our political candidate giving.

If you don’t have $25 a month to give or would like to give more, you can contribute at whatever amount you are able. No contribution is too large or small. We all have a voice that matters. We thank you for your generosity! We will use your donation to support candidates who support us.

Contributions or gifts to ImPAC California are not tax deductible.